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x-posting here b/c i'm lame like that. - Let go of the wheel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Make tea, not war

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x-posting here b/c i'm lame like that. [Jan. 13th, 2009|11:31 pm]
Make tea, not war
I'm blogging on what's left of my battery power in my dorm's study lounge, where I've been spending half my days lately. I was here most of the day, yet I only got a fraction of my work done. This is so bad. I don't know if I'm just incredibly slow at working or if I have issues focusing or if I'm just plain stupid. Maybe a mix of all three.

One of my essays for my anthro class is Violence as Semiotic Activity in relation to Beah's A Long Way Gone. I don't fully understand this metasign, social indexicality, reflexvity, object-sign, etc, etc, etc crap, and quite frankly (and sadly), I find that it takes away some of the book's power for me. The book is so honest and raw (I think I cried through half of it). Analyzing for semiotics for a paper seems to sort of desensitize and trivialize (and I hesitate to use this word because the book deals with issues I care stongly about, but I guess it gets the point across) the true events for me. Maybe (read: probably) I'm just confused .
Odd, I didn't feel this way when reading Das on Collective Violence. Hm, I look forward to writing that essay much more; I'm not really sure why I attempted to tackle this one first.

a;osdijf;af WHYYYY am I blogging? Once again, BAD TIME-MANAGEMENT. The realization always hits me mid-post!

p.s. I've been sleeping ~6.5 hours a night, which is more than I ever got most nights in high school, but I still feel really tired. x<

p.p.s. my roommate has just informed me that Plate-Steve arrived at our door with a fake mustache for me. This is awesome because Plate-Steve is one of those people who you think is dope even if you've never met him, and I've always wanted a fake mustache.